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Personal Injury Protection - What is it?

Often referred to as PIP coverage, is a no fault personal vehicle benefit which could assist those in need of medical care as a result of an automobile accident.  In fact, you may be entitled to your own PIP coverage or the PIP coverage of another individual depending on whether you were injured by a 3rd party vehicle, injured as a passenger by a negligent driver, injured as a pedestrian by a 3rd party vehicle or injured as a bicyclist by a 3rd party vehicle. 

How Does PIP Work?

Personal Injury Protection is an election one makes for their own policy for no fault medical care in increments of coverage up to $ 10,000.00 or $ 35,000.00. PIP protection covers the reasonable medical bills of the driver and anyone else injured in a motor vehicle collision. In addition, PIP protection would extend from the policy of a driver to cover the reasonable medical bills of an injured pedestrian or bicyclist. Furthermore, in the event one possesses both PIP and health insurance, the former is the primary payment for reasonable medicals bills until the maximum benefit has been reached then one’s health insurance would begin paying the reasonable medical bills subject to contractual obligations.

Why is PIP Important?

As health care insurance rates continue to rise, a PIP election is a fantastic way to ensure one can afford reasonable medical treatment should one be injured in an auto accident. In addition, by hiring an attorney Washington State case law dictates the automobile insurance company gets reimbursed at a reduced rate which means one receives a higher settlement amount at the end of the case. Contact attorney Brandon Feldman at the law office of Feldman & Lee to assist with all of your injury accident needs today.


Feldman & Lee is a Puget Sound area law firm with locations in Kent, Lynnwood, and Marysville.  We help clients in Criminal Defense, Family law/Divorce, and Personal Injury cases.

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