Social Media Blunders on Personal Injury Cases Can Cost You

Anytime you’re pursuing a personal injury claim in Washington based on harm that came to you through an accident, you need to be aware that the attorney for the defendant in your case and/or his or her insurance company will search online to get as much information as they possibly can about you. In particular, […]

Do You Really Know Your Rights?

You have rights in Washington following an arrest for a crime or if you are being investigated on a criminal charge. Although you’ve likely heard this before, many people fail to realize just how important it is for you to fully understand those rights if you’ve been charged or think you will be. In general, […]

Pedestrian-Auto Deaths Hit a Three-Decade High

A recent study indicates that pedestrians deaths in auto accidents have hit a 33-year high, and two of the potential factors behind the increase may be the hike in smartphone use and the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in states such as Washington, reports KOMO News. This report was conducted by the Governors Highway […]

Calculating Your Support in Washington

In Washington State, either parent or both parents can be ordered by the court to pay support for a child. However, it’s usually the noncustodial parent – the parent who has the child for less than half of the time – who actually pays the support. The custodial parent is responsible for child support as […]

Drunk Driving Remains a Problem in Washington

Drunk drivers continue to be a great threat to the safety of drivers all over Washington, and the recent case of Kelli Loos goes to show just how severe the consequences of having an intoxicated driver on the road can be to others. Anyone who has been the victim of a drunk driver should contact […]

Involved in an Auto Accident? Here’s What to Do

Being involved in a car accident in Washington State can be confusing and scary, but you need to be ready to take the right actions no matter what the situation is. At the scene Never leave an accident scene. As a responsible driver, you must be ready to provide the help necessary following an accident […]

Can a DUI Charge Be Reduced in Washington?

Being charged with a DUI in Washington is a very serious offense. The penalties include jail time, fines and other consequences that can affect your personal and professional lives. When you’re convicted of DUI and you drive for a living, for example, you could lose your job and find it difficult to get a similar […]

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