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The dedicated legal team at Feldman & Lee is fully equipped to handle a variety of legal cases in Everett, Washington, from criminal law to personal injury cases. We bring expertise, experience, and commitment to bring the best possible outcome for your case. With our seasoned attorneys on your side, you can guarantee that your rights are a priority.

Personal Injury Attorney in Everett

Catastrophic injuries can rob you of your independence, career, financial stability, and sense of well-being. If you’ve been hurt in an accident and suspect that another party is at fault, you’re entitled to file a personal injury claim. Feldman & Lee’s multi-disciplined team of personal injury attorneys in Everett are experts in handling all types of personal injury cases, from minor fender benders to life-altering accidents, including occurrences like:

We will aggressively fight back against predatory insurance companies and negligent parties to ensure you get nothing less than the full compensation you deserve. Our team will handle everything from conducting research and filing in court to collecting evidence and interviewing witnesses, so you can return to focusing on your recovery.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Everett

If you or your loved one has been charged with or accused of a crime in Everett, anything you do and say may be used against you. The more reason you need a trusted criminal defense attorney in Everett to fight tirelessly on your side. Whether or not you’re at fault, Feldman & Lee firmly believes that you deserve fair and legal representation in court, including on cases involving:

A wrongful charge can set your career, family, and personal goals back, and even take away your personal freedom. If you find yourself in the middle of one, our criminal defense lawyers are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Everett Family Law Attorneys

Family legal disputes can be emotionally-taxing and stressful for both parents and their children, and all other extended family that’s involved. At Feldman & Lee, we can offer help and guidance whether you’re going through a divorce, settling custodial matters, or something else entirely. Our Everett family law attorneys will provide you with the clarity and guidance you need to deal with emotionally charged cases. We’ll be open and transparent as to the potential risks and issues surrounding your case. With us, you can expect nothing short of compassion, guidance, and aggressive advocacy to protect your own and your children’s rights and interests in cases involving:

No matter what legal matters you’re dealing with, Feldman & Lee will be with you in every step of your legal battle. Our team will provide you with the wisdom and experience you need to effectively navigate the complex laws affecting your family law matter. Don’t gamble away your future by picking the wrong attorney; choose Feldman & Lee today to get the best possible outcome for your case.

Divorce Lawyers in Everett

The divorce process is complex and can turn from smooth sailing to a stressful, litigated process in a matter of just a few days. If you’re not protecting your own interests and assets, your soon-to-be-ex can cause you financial harm by accumulating credit card debt, draining shared bank accounts, and selling off assets without notice or discussion. Even if your divorce filing is going well, you may still be unsure about all the factors involved, including the division of assets or debt. At Feldman & Lee, our divorce lawyers in Everett will be the resource you need to feel confident in moving forward with your divorce.

Child Custody Lawyers in Everett

As a parent, there’s nothing you want more for your children than the best, but during or after divorce, both parents typically have differing ideas of what the “best” is. Child custody matters often spiral into complex, emotional cases quickly, so you need an Everett family law attorney on your side to support you and help ensure your child is being set up for success.

Spousal & Child Support in Everett

Spousal and child support matter impact you both financially and personally, regardless of whether you’re the payer or payee. No matter which side of the case you’re on, you deserve a support order that’s balanced and fair while addressing all the necessary factors involved. At Feldman & Lee, our child support attorneys will evaluate your situation and support your case, and put in the work to ensure the final order balances the needs of all parties affected.

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