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Juvenile law is dramatically different from adult criminal law. When a teenager is charged with a crime, the court/prosecutor has the discretion to maintain juvenile jurisdiction or forward the case to adult court for prosecutorial review and filing of an adult criminal law complaint. At Feldman & Lee we have represented many juveniles and we work hard to ensure that our clients remain in the juvenile court system to get the second chance they deserve. If you or a teenage family member is in need of a quality advocate due to the filing of a criminal complaint, contact Feldman & Lee to consult an experienced, responsive juvenile law attorney.

Juvenile Law Cases

We handle juvenile law cases that involve any crime. Some of the most common that we handle include:

  • Minor in possession of alcohol
  • Assault
  • Possession of marijuana
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Theft, including shoplifting and auto theft
  • Destruction of property, also known as malicious mischief

We also represent juvenile client who are accused of DUI and other serious traffic offenses. However, DUI and most serious traffic offenses are not handled in the juvenile justice system but rather by adult municipal and district courts.

The Juvenile Legal System

Keeping the underage client in the juvenile system is extremely important. Our lawyers work hard to keep any juvenile from being tried as adults. In addition, we also attempt to get our clients into a “diversionary program.” A diversionary agreement functions similar to that of probation. It may involve periodically reporting to a social worker. It also may involve drug or alcohol treatment, if applicable. If a juvenile fulfills his or her diversionary agreement, the criminal record is sealed.

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