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Bicycle accidents are increasingly common as more and more people choose cycling as a form of exercise and transportation in and around urban areas. Unfortunately, motorists do not always see bicycles, particularly at intersections and in cross walks. The law office of Feldman & Lee represents injured cyclists, determining the costs of their injuries in working with economists, care planners, and medical professionals. Since head trauma and spinal cord injuries are common in bike accidents, we consult neurologists who can testify to the long-term effects of a serious concussion or brain injury. Quantifying the need for future treatment, as well as compensation for your pain and suffering, our office ensures you receive the compensation you deserve for your bike injury.

Helping Your Case—Steps You can Take Now

Evidence is crucial in any case—especially in personal injury matters. A broken helmet or smashed bicycle frame can tell forensic experts a great deal about the force of impact and how an accident happened.

So remember, if involved in an accident:

  • Take photos of your injuries
  • Keep a diary of your daily condition
  • Keep copies of any medical bills, including prescription costs
  • Keep copies of medical records, x-rays, and other diagnostic tests
  • Keep wreckage from the accident including bicycle, helmet, and broken reflectors

Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Protecting Your Rights and Interests When Insurance Adjusters Call

It is common for an insurance company to try and settle a case as soon as possible after an accident. In cases where soft tissue injuries or broken bones are involved, insurers realize it may take weeks or months for the full impact of an injury to be known. If you sign or make a statement, agree to a settlement, or disclose certain kinds of information now, you may compromise your ability to pursue damages later when the full nature of your injuries is evident.

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Even if a claims adjuster says you had better settle now or give up any chance of settling later, talk to an experienced lawyer first before agreeing to anything. Once you hire us, any communication between you and an insurer must come through our office. We protect your rights and put insurers on notice they better pay a fair settlement or go to court and face bad publicity and the wrath of a jury.

For a consultation and evaluation of your case, contact bike injury lawyers at Feldman & Lee we have offices in Kent, Lynnwood, and Marysville Washington.

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