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In the state of Washington, if you are experiencing domestic violence or feel unsafe due to the actions of another, you can seek protection through a variety of protection orders and domestic violence charges. The attorneys in Feldman & Lee PS will bring understanding and comprehensive support to your case and guide you on choosing the right course of action that puts your safety first.

How Our Attorneys Can Help You

Civil Protection Orders

In the state of Washington, if you feel threatened, abused, exploited, or harassed, you can seek a civil protection order to receive peace of mind and protection from the individual causing you harm or distress. At Feldman & Lee PS, we have experience with a variety of protection orders and can recommend the right course of action depending upon a variety of factors in your unique scenario.

Civil Domestic Violence

As a victim of domestic violence, whether your situation is tied to a divorce, custody battle, or something else entirely, you may seek protection from the individual whose actions are harming you or causing you to fear for your safety. Requesting to file civil domestic violence charges and seeking a protection order are your right and we’ll be there to help you.

No Contact Order

No contact orders are filed in conjunction with criminal action cases. This type of protection order is often used as a condition of release following a person’s arrest on domestic violence charges. Regardless of whether the involved parties have children, live in the same household, or have other connections, no contact orders may still be filed.

Civil Anti-Harassment Order

Harassment is defined as someone taking action to seriously annoy, alarm, or harass another by conduct that serves no lawful or legitimate purpose and would cause a reasonable person to suffer substantial emotional distress as a result. A civil anti-harassment order may be filed by any person who has been subjected to this type of conduct by another individual.

 Sexual Assault Protection Order

Sexual assault protection orders are intended to protect victims of sexual assault from their attacker, even in instances of a single incident. Third parties may petition on behalf of another, vulnerable adult who is unable to file because of their health, age, or disability, and petitioners 16-years or younger need a parent or guardian to file on their behalf.

Stalking Protection Order

Stalking is defined as the unwanted and repeated surveillance (online or in real life) of an individual that would cause any reasonable person to fear for their life and/or property. If you are experiencing this kind of conduct, you may file for a stalking protection order. If the person with the order against them violates the protection order, they may be subject to mandatory arrest, criminal charges, or contempt.

Extreme Risk Protection Order (Firearm Removal)

An extreme risk protection order may be filed by both law enforcement or family members and is placed against a person who poses a violence risk to themselves or others by having access to a firearm. Police officers may temporarily remove firearms from ERPO respondents and prevent them from purchasing or receiving new ones for the duration of the order.

Why Feldman & Lee PS is the Civil Law Attorney You Need

Our team understands that requesting a protection order or filing domestic violence charges is a sensitive, difficult time in your life, so we’re here to help where we can so you can rest easy and return to life as normal as quickly as possible. We bring a variety of strengths to the table and will put them to work in your case. These include:

  • Over 40 years of experience in Washington state
  • Comprehensive knowledge of civil law matters
  • Compassionate defense when you need it most

Choose the dedicated, knowledgeable attorneys at Feldman & Lee PS to have a caring partner in your corner during your civil law case.

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