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If you or a loved one has been charged or may be charged with a crime, it is vital that you contact a criminal defense attorney. Feldman & Lee PS has trusted criminal defense lawyers in Kent, Lynnwood, and Everett. We understand that this is a difficult time in your life, so it is our promise to aggressively fight for your rights. With drunk driving or other criminal charges, it’s essential that the accused speak with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Our team is available to speak with clients 24 hours a day

Jurisdictions We Serve


Kent has one of the highest crime rates in the country, with a crime rate of 43 per one thousand residents.

Whether you’re under investigation or have been charged with a misdemeanor crime within the city limits, our Kent criminal defense attorneys at Feldman & Lee PS will be committed to providing you with solid legal counsel and defense.


Lynnwood Municipal Court is a one-courtroom, one-judge jurisdiction that handles all criminal misdemeanor cases and processes all noncriminal traffic citations and parking violations filed by the Lynnwood PD. Anyone cited with a civil traffic offense or charged at the federal level must have an experienced Lynnwood criminal defense lawyer to fight for their rights at every step of the justice process.


The City of Everett is the largest city in Snohomish County, WA, and one of the few major cities in the Puget Sound region. If you are charged for a DUI, assault, felony, or theft alleged to have occurred in the area, your case will be filed in the Everett Municipal Court.

When facing serious criminal charges or looking to appeal a conviction, familiarity with the judge, prosecutor, and court personnel can make all the difference. That’s why it’s imperative to have an Everett criminal defense attorney at your side to effectively handle all the discussions and negotiations with prosecution and law enforcement.

Areas We Can Help You


The crime of Driving under the Influence (DUI) is a complicated body of law that cuts across all socio-economic backgrounds to include the rich, poor, young and old. No matter what race, creed, religion or faith, anyone can inadvertently become trapped in a tangled web of flashing lights, sirens, police officers, sobriety tests, handcuffs and even jail. In order to properly navigate the treacherous waters between the cagey prosecutor looking to convict and the Department of Licensing hearing examiner looking to suspend your license, you need an experienced advocate to represent your best interests

At Feldman & Lee PS, we work hard to protect our clients’ rights while attempting to limit or eliminate any criminal/administrative penalties. If you or someone you love was arrested for driving under the influence or physical control, contact us to speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Kent, Everett, or Lynnwood.

DOL (Department of Licensing) Hearings

When you’re arrested for DUI in the State of Washington, both the courts and the Department of Licensing (DOL) will begin legal action to suspend your driver’s license privilege for at least 90 days. The DOL is an administrative agency who attempts to suspend your driving privilege if: 1) you are arrested for DUI or Physical Control and 2) you either blow a .08 (or higher) or “refuse” the breath test. The sole purpose of the DOL hearing is to determine if the police officer followed all the Washington Administrative Code guidelines when processing you for DUI. 

In order to participate in a DOL hearing, you must submit the Hearing Request Form to the DOL within 20 days of your date of arrest. If you have been arrested for DUI, please contact the Law Offices of Feldman & Lee PS to discuss these matters immediately.

Serious Traffic Offenses

In addition to DUI, we represent clients who have been charged with serious traffic offenses. A conviction for a serious traffic offense likely carries with it a consequence of jail time, loss of license up to 1 year and a 3 year SR22/High Risk Insurance requirement. These serious traffic offenses include reckless driving, reckless endangerment, hit and run attended, hit and run unattended and the felony violations of eluding, taking vehicle without permission, vehicular homicide, and vehicular assault—all of which may result in prison time

Some of the consequences mentioned above are avoidable in the right situations. Contact the Feldman & Lee PS office to speak with a Lynnwood, Everett, or Kent criminal defense attorney today to see if your situation qualifies as one that could avoid a license suspension or high-risk insurance requirement.


Prosecutors use the prong of violence/aggressiveness to charge our clients with a wide variety of crimes. Those offenses include assault, domestic violence assault, malicious mischief, and disorderly conduct. In addition, our firm handles any type of felony assault violation. Furthermore, a conviction for any domestic violence charge carries with it a loss of your right to bear firearms. No matter how complicated the charges, you still may have a legitimate self-defense argument so call the Feldman & Lee PS to discuss your case today.

Weapon Charges

Simply getting charged with a weapons violation could lead to permanent firearm restrictions, mandatory sentence enhancements and even prison time. Weapons violations usually accompany other criminal activity such as assaults, drug charges, DUI’s, disorderly conduct, and domestic violence cases. If you have been arrested for possession of a dangerous weapon, unlawful possession of a firearm or any type of felony firearm violation, reach out to one of our criminal defense attorneys in Kent, Lynnwood, or Everett today.

Burglary and Theft

We represent clients accused of shoplifting, theft, and the felony violations of robbery and burglary. Convictions for the above crimes of dishonesty certainly could look onerous on your criminal record especially when a potential employer is conducting a routine background check. Speak to one of our attorneys to see whether one of our skilled attorneys could find a way to keep one of these criminal law violations off your permanent record.

Juvenile Crime

When we represent a minor, our number one priority is keeping them in the juvenile system while attempting to keep their record as clean as possible. If you or your child is in trouble with the law, we can help ensure that they get a second chance.

Probation Violations

When dealing with the criminal justice system, it is easy to get confused or make a mistake. Courts often place restrictions on clients to commit no new criminal law violations and/or to take a series of classes. If you have been charged with a new criminal law violation we want to help.

We understand that miscommunications frequently occur between probation departments and individual treatment facilities. Unfortunately, these miscommunications often are to the detriment of our client and could lead to jail time. If you have been charged with a new crime or have an upcoming probation violation hearing, our criminal defense lawyers in Lynnwood, Kent, or Everett can be of service.

Drug Offenses

In addition to DUI cases, we handle felony VUCSA matters, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana, methamphetamines, oxycontin, ecstasy, and prescription violations. A conviction for most drug offense carries with it mandatory jail or prison time and a federal financial aid restriction. Consequently, if you are a student looking to go to college or even beyond, a conviction for a drug offense will likely preclude your ability to get a nominal interest rate loan from the Federal Government. In today’s age of skyrocketing prices for education, a Federal Financial Aid restriction could mean the difference between obtaining/not obtaining a coveted college education. However, just because you are charged with a drug offense does not mean the prosecutor is actually going to convict you. There are ways to avoid the Federal Financial Aid restriction. Speak to us today so we can discuss your options.

Federal Criminal Charges

The attorneys at Feldman & Lee PS are well qualified to handle any criminal case, including those involving charges at the federal level. If you or someone you love faces a criminal charge in the Western District of Washington, contact one of our criminal defense attorneys in Everett, Kent, or Lynnwood today.

Why Choose Feldman & Lee PS as your Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Don’t gamble away your freedom by hiring inexperienced lawyers who rely merely on textbook knowledge about criminal law. A criminal case requires extensive preparation, and lawyers who possess decades of trial experience can give you an advantage.

  • Over 40 years of experience – Our team works together tirelessly to strengthen your defense case in court. We’ve represented clients on a variety of criminal charges, and we bring relevant experience from each of those cases to the table.
  • Your stalwart defenders in court – We will staunchly fight for your rights and defend you in court no matter what charges you face. You are our client, and our focus is on you.
  • Thorough and trustworthy – We leave no stone unturned when preparing for a criminal defense case. Trust our meticulous lawyers to steer your defense towards the best direction.

So much is at stake in a criminal defense charge. Verdicts affect not only the defendants but also the family they leave behind. Choose smart, experienced, and dedicated criminal defense lawyers who will stand by you and defend you in court.

Reach out to Feldman & Lee PS when you or someone you know becomes involved in a criminal case. Touch base with our defense attorneys in Washington and schedule a consultation at our offices in Lynnwood, Kent, or Everett as soon as possible.

The earlier we can start building your defense case, the better. Call us today.

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