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A paternity action could affect your rights and obligations long into the future. Know your rights; know your options. Seek solid, trusted counsel.

Paternity actions are used to establish the paternity of the father for purposes of custody, support, and other parental rights and obligations. Whether you are seeking to establish paternity or challenge paternity, it is important to have a clear understanding of your rights and the potential consequences for filing a paternity action. At Feldman & Lee PS we offer strategic support and advocacy focused on the needs of our clients.

When Paternity Is in Question:

  • We will pursue action to establish or deny paternity, depending on the needs of the client
  • We may seek a paternity test or DNA testing by request or court order
  • We can also establish paternity via an affidavit from the father

Establishing Paternity and Your Rights

We are experienced in representing expectant or new mothers in establishing paternity for purposes of collecting child support. If you are seeking to establish paternity, we can help you seek a court-ordered paternity test, or establish paternity by way of affidavit signed by the father. You should also be aware that establishing paternity may give the father rights to parental time and child custody.

Denying Paternity

If as the alleged father you dispute paternity, it is important to deny paternity and seek a paternity test as soon as possible. A presumed father will still be liable for support payments; even if a paternity test in the future refutes paternity, you are still liable for previous payment obligations. Our firm has extensive experience in protecting fathers’ rights in cases involving paternity testing (sometimes referred to as DNA testing and blood testing). We will explain your rights pertaining to child custody and child support.

For more information or to learn more about paternity and your rights as a father, please contact us as soon as possible to speak directly with an attorney.

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