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As you go through a divorce, you will deal with complex practical, emotional and financial issues all at once. Regardless of the details of your case, we understand both the common and unique challenges you may face during this time and will work tirelessly to protect your rights and the rights of your children. We have extensive experience in handling the various aspects of a divorce case in Washington, including spousal and child support, custody, domestic abuse and the division of your property.

As a trusted divorce firm, Feldman & Lee PS offers aggressive advocacy and compassionate guidance during our clients’ divorce matters. With us, your best interests and rights are always the top priority. Our Lynnwood, Everett & Kent divorce lawyers will provide an accurate picture of your case and your options, so you are making fully informed decisions every step of the way.

Your Divorce Representation Matters

Feldman & Lee PS will guide, support and advocate for you throughout your divorce and beyond. Since Washington is what is known as a “no-fault” divorce state – no one has to take the blame for the divorce in a legal sense – you will need to be prepared to present your side and fight for your rights even if you’ve been wronged by your spouse. We will help you protect your rights in a contested or uncontested divorce and will make sure your interests are served whether you negotiate, arbitrate or mediate your divorce case or have to go to trial.

Our divorce lawyer team is experienced in many areas of family law, including:

  • Temporary orders for the possession and use of property, such as the family car or home, while the divorce makes its way through the system.
  • Temporary orders regarding support and custody as the case progresses.
  • Final court orders regarding custody, support and property involved in the divorce.
  • Modifications down the road to orders regarding support and child custody.
  • Post-divorce court actions to enforce custody and child or spousal support orders, including contempt of court actions and garnishment of bank accounts or wages paid.

We Care About the Well-Being of Your Children

In Washington, child support is determined by a formula set out in state laws that relies on the incomes of both parents. It’s crucial that you have a full understanding of your spouse’s true income and that your child’s needs are properly considered when it comes to child support calculation. We will work to ensure your child support case is properly handled, with the final award considering all necessary factors, and being just and reasonable.

We know that one of your chief concerns during divorce is the welfare of your children. In the state of Washington, the custody standard is ‌in the best interests of the children, and it’s this principle that guides the entire custody decision-making process. Feldman & Lee PS has a team of highly experienced divorce attorneys in Kent, Lynnwood and Everett, WA, with knowledge of complex child custody and support cases, so we can protect your interests as you go through the divorce and after your divorce is granted, if modification is needed down the line.

Your Financial Security in Your Divorce is Our Concern

Washington is what is known as a community property state. This means that when you are getting divorced, the property you and your spouse accumulated over the course of your marriage will be divided by the court in a way that is fair and equitable. Note that this does not mean your property will be evenly divided between you. Equitable division means fair division, and you and your spouse’s finances, earning capacity, ability and current situations are all taken into account.

Since having an accurate idea of the true value of the property in your marriage and any debts is the only way to ensure it’s divided in a fair way, having a divorce attorney at your side who is skilled and experienced in property division can improve the outcome of your case. We are prepared to handle simple or complex property division that includes items such as business assets or stocks. If there are retirement accounts involved in your case, we can prepare a qualified domestic relations order to ensure those accounts are properly divided and addressed.

The amount of property and debt you receive in a divorce will have a direct impact on your finances in your new post-divorce life. Don’t treat property division as an afterthought; its outcome will resonate in your life for years to come.

On top of handling the property division in your case, we are also experienced in the area of spousal support. This is an award one spouse pays to another spouse who earns less and does not have substantial assets. Normally, spousal support is temporary as it’s meant to help the spouse get back on their feet after a divorce, but it can be permanent in some cases.

At Feldman & Lee PS, we take a comprehensive approach to your spousal support case so your interests are protected in its determination or modification. Whether you pay spousal support or receive it, this award does have a direct impact on your finances going forward, so it’s important that it is fairly determined.

We Know Situations Change

As time moves on, orders you received regarding support or custody may no longer work for your family. You may be able to have your support or custody orders modified, but you need to be able to properly present and file a motion requesting this to the court. We can help you with the modification process so your orders reflect your family and life as it is now and not how it was at the time of the divorce.

Speak to our team at our Kent, Everett, or Lynnwood location today about your divorce case. Your divorce will have an impact on your financial and personal life for years to come, so it’s not an area where you can afford to leave a single thing to chance.

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