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Violations happen when an individual who is on probation fails to meet the conditions and terms set by the court. Washington state treats these violations sternly and the penalties you may face can be affected by the violation’s severity and past violations on your record, among other factors. The possible punishments for probation or restraining order violations may include fines, jail time, or extension of probation.

If you stand accused of a probation violation, you know what happens if you lose. An effective lawyer can mean the difference between jail and freedom. Our attorneys have the resources and skill necessary to secure your best possible result. To talk to an attorney dedicated to fighting for your rights, contact Feldman & Lee for an initial consultation.

Felony Probation Violation Cases

People may be charged with violating their probation because they face a new criminal law violation missed a meeting with their parole officer did not complete their DUI victim panel are not enrolled in drug, alcohol or psychological treatment as ordered by the court made a procedural error missed a deadline.

If you are found guilty of felony probation violation, the court can impose the rest of your jail sentence. If you face this type of situation, time is not on your side. You need to get an attorney as soon as possible to thoroughly investigate the matter. We can also appear in court on your behalf. We make every effort to put you in the best possible position.

Many lawyers end their services whenever a client is sentenced. We do not. Before we step into any courtroom, we take steps to put you back in compliance with your probation requirements. That way, when we go before the parole board, we can point to the positive steps that you are taking. If the board sees that you are making a sincere effort to comply, they are less likely to impose your full sentence.

Common Probation Requirements

Those who are on probation will be required by the court to abide by several conditions. This includes but are not limited to:
Additional Violations

Committing an illegal offense while on probation, whether you’re in or out of the state, will render you guilty of violating your agreement with the court.

Drug Use

Washington courts retain the authority to order drug tests as necessary. You’re required to pay for the costs of these tests.

Possession of Weapons

A person who is on probation for certain offenses, particularly DV offenses, can lose their right to own or possess firearms or other weapons.

Community Service

Courts can also order community service. You are required to render the specified hours of community service or you further sanction.

The court may sometimes impose other additional probation conditions, which include:

  • Making timely payment of fines and costs
  • Providing support for dependents
  • Attending a medical treatment plan, as mandated by the state
  • Reporting regularly to the probation officer
  • Residing with parents, in a foster home, or a halfway house
  • Retaining school enrollment or continuous employment

Adherence to the rules and successful completion of your probation will reflect on your criminal record. This will excuse you from any further probation requirements. On the other hand, failure to comply with even one of the conditions stated on your agreement may cause the court to revoke your probation and leave you with grave consequences.

If you find yourself faced with a probation violation, enlist the legal services of an experienced probation lawyer from Feldman & Lee, PS. We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your case in order to minimize the consequences of the violation on your behalf.

Possible Defenses Against a Probation Violation Charge

Proving your innocence in a probation violation charge can be more challenging than defending yourself against a standard criminal charge. The burden of proof for a judge to find a violation is a lot lower than being found guilty at trial. You do not have a right to cross-examine adverse witnesses at a probation violation like you would at a trial. Your attorney will need to look into various defense strategies to minimize, or possibly eliminate, any penalties you may be facing for an alleged probation violation.

The possible defenses against probation or restraining order charge include:

  • Demonstrating through records that a hospitalization or incarceration has rendered you unable to make appointments with your probation officer
  • Showing phone records and travel routes that substantiate your claim that you did everything possible to avoid contact with the victim
  • Showing proof that improper alcohol or drug testing methods were used on you

There may be other defenses that are more appropriate, depending on the unique nature of your probation or restraining order charge. Our probation attorneys at Feldman & Lee, PS have decades of experience handling cases that are similar to yours. We understand that every case is different, so we look at your case from every angle to find the best possible defenses that will strengthen your case.

Talk to us about the possible defenses that you may take on for your probation violation case. The initial consultation with us is always free.

Restraining Order and Probation Violations

A probation violation can give a judge the incentive necessary to enforce a jail sentence for an individual’s original crime. That means that if you’re on probation and you have been accused of committing a violation, both your criminal record and your freedom may be at stake.
Judges are not known to show leniency to those who violate their supervised release. If you are accused of a probation violation, appointing the right criminal defense attorney can help you see a positive outcome for your probation case, no matter what the violation in question may be. Feldman & Lee, PS brings almost two decades of experience to your defense.

We also handle cases that involve violations of restraining orders. If you are under a restraining order, there is little that you can do to rescind it, even if the other party changes his or her mind. If you two are seen even talking to each other on a public street, you may be in violation. If you have recently been accused of violating a restraining order, we provide the quality representation that you need. For an accurate case assessment, call our office. We have helped many clients in similar circumstances achieve positive results. We can help you.

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