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Getting caught driving under the influence doesn’t end with a ticket. Receiving a DUI can deprive you of your driver’s license in two ways. One, your license may be taken away following a criminal DUI trial and two, it may be suspended after a Department of Licensing Hearing (DOL).
If you have been pulled over and arrested for a DUI, it’s important to submit a written DOL hearing request within 5 days of your date of arrest. Failure to do so may lead to the forfeit of your right to contest the administrative action and avoid an interruption of your license.
Not filing a DOL hearing request is equivalent to accepting license suspension for at least ninety days. Apart from the challenges brought by losing your privilege to drive, the suspension may also increase your expenses for at least three months.

You Need a Reliable DOL Attorney

You need a zealous advocate with a mastery of the legal resources and information necessary for building a strong case. At Feldman & Lee PS, we take a thorough evaluation of your case and take note of even the littlest details that may help you possibly avoid suspension or uncover any evidence that may be used against you in your DUI case.

What to Expect at a Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) Hearing

Once you send in your notice, you will be scheduled for a hearing. The sole purpose of the DOL hearing is to verify that the police officer complied with the Washington Administrative Code throughout the DUI process. You need a quality advocate to ensure that the police officer is held accountable because the DOL hearing examiner is not there to help you find the inconsistencies in the police officer’s story. Did you really cross the fog line? How well did you perform on the field sobriety tests? Did the police officer comply with the 15-minute observation period? Having a zealous, detail-oriented lawyer, is vital because it could mean the difference between a license suspension, high risk insurance rates, ignition interlock device and no suspension at all. Contact an attorney at the Law Offices of Feldman & Lee to discuss your DUI case today.

Preparing for Your DOL Hearing

You may not be required to participate in your DOL hearing and you can leave it to us to do everything in our power to build a solid defense for you. However, having your full support can make a big difference. Here are some steps you can take to prepare for your hearing:

Work with Your Legal Counsel

You should work closely with your attorney from Feldman & Lee PS. We need you to keep your communication lines open so we can keep you informed every step of the way. We’ll let you in on our course of action, help you understand why the strategies we’re using are advantageous to you, and set the right expectations for the hearing.

Collect All Pieces of Evidence

Following the filing your request for a DOL hearing, you will receive a packet that contains the police report, and other pieces of evidence to be used against you.
Similarly, you should also gather evidence that can help you build a solid case. Of course, our attorneys will help you collect evidence but we will need you to let our team know if you have access to additional information such as situational details and eyewitnesses.

What Happens if You Win or Lose the Hearing?

A few weeks after your DOL hearing, the DOL will send you a notice that bears their decision.

If you win the hearing, the suspension or revocation action against you gets cancelled. If you lose, your notice will indicate the terms for the suspension of your driver’s license; including the duration of the suspension. Another consequence of losing the DOL hearing is having to file an SR-22 form with DOL over the next three years. The SR-22 is enhanced insurance with an extra cost. Your current insurance policy may be cancelled or your current provider may not offer SR-22. It is a document that your insurance provider needs to send over to DOL every time you renew your policy.

Driver’s License Suspension Periods

  • If your BAC is .08 or higher (.02 for minors): 90 days
  • If you refused to take a breath test or blood test: 1 year
  • If this is your subsequent or second DUI or refusal: 2 years

In the event your license does get suspended and you absolutely must drive, you may apply for an ignition interlock license. Our attorneys at Feldman & Lee PS will walk you through the process and do everything in our power to help make sure your ability to drive remains uninterrupted. Get in touch with our team by calling (425) 771-3600 today.

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