Child Custody in Seattle, WA

Child Custody Lawyers in Lynnwood, Marysville, and Kent

If you are getting a divorce in Washington State, and you have one or more children, our experienced child custody lawyers in Kent, Lynnwood, or Marysville can help you.

Working with a reputable law firm, such as Feldman & Lee PS, ensures that your children’s rights and best interests are protected while you and your ex settle the divorce proceeding. Arriving at workable child custody arrangements involves a complex legal process. And as the divorce is settled, children are often put in the middle. Feldman & Lee PS offers its legal resources, expertise, compassion, and support to obtain a just and equitable resolution for you and your children.

Child support determinations are based on state guidelines, but the court can deviate from those guidelines if it is appropriate. Our attorneys will take a comprehensive approach to your case and submit necessary evidence to assert your right to collect support or defend against unmanageable support obligations.

We will work hard to devise practical child custody and support solutions, with careful consideration of the best interest of your child or children. If either one or both of the parents can’t agree on a parenting plan, our attorneys will prepare the necessary documents and requirements and bring your case to a Washington State Family Court. Call one of our offices today and we’ll inform you of your legal options, the expected procedures, and what your parenting plans will cover.

We are experienced in determinations involving one or both parents being self-employed. We assist with temporary orders for support, final orders establishing support, and post-judgment requests for modification. And more importantly, to provide a more secure future for your children, our attorneys will do their best to create a custody and visitation arrangement that will help resolve future disputes between the divorcing parents.

Contact our child custody law firm in Lynnwood, Kent, or Marysville and lay down a parenting plan that satisfies your family’s needs. Take advantage of our free initial consultation.

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