Motorcycle Accidents: When the Odds Just Aren’t in Your Favor

When the weather in Washington is nice, it’s only natural to see more people spending time outdoors. Automobile drivers do things like roll down their windows, put their convertible tops down or open their sunroofs. Motorcyclists, however, dust off their bikes and hit the road. While it’s pretty common to see motorcyclists out when it’s pleasant and warm, automobile drivers often simply don’t see them. Since motorcycles are smaller, it’s all too easy for them to hide in a driver’s blind spots. This is why public officials and safety experts advise drivers to check all blind spots before making any moves; failure to do so can result in a motorcycle accident.

The Statistics Are Grim

In Washington, motorcyclists only make up 3 percent of all people on the roads in the state, according to the Washington Traffic Safety Commission ( However, in just the period from 2013 to 2017, they made up 15 percent of all traffic deaths and 19 percent of all serious accident-related injuries. One in five motorcycle accidents results in death or serious harm, and around 75 riders die every year in accidents across the state. Despite numerous state and federal safety campaigns, these percentages have remained relatively the same for the last decade. This is also a trend that has been seen nationwide. In many states, there are now more motorcycles on the road than ever before, but the accident rates have also gone up despite the numerous public information and warning initiatives.

Motorcycle Accident Causes

A motorcycle accident can be caused by a variety of factors, including errors on the part of the rider or the motorist. However, motorist inattention is a very common reason behind a motorcycle crash. Motorists are distracted more and more these days, with everything from handheld devices to features built right into their cars and even their own passengers. They often simply don’t see the motorcyclist until it is too late. One specific inattentive driver collision type that is often seen in auto-motorcycle crashes occurs when the motorist turns left and right into the path of the bike they just never noticed was there.

The Toll of Motorcycle Injuries

A rider can be left with terrible traffic-related injuries after a motorcycle accident. A motorcycle doesn’t have all of the safety features that automobile drivers enjoy, and there’s nothing to blunt the force of the impact in an accident or keep the rider on the bike. Because of this, many riders end up thrown from their bike in a crash, leaving them with injuries such as internal damage, back or neck damage, broken bones, cuts, road rash and head trauma.

Injuries caused by a motorcycle accident can be painful and very extensive, which means the victims need medical attention. Recovery and treatment time can also be overwhelming, depending on the nature and extent of the injuries. Not only is this time consuming and painful, but it can be a drain on finances, too. Medical bills can pile up, as can days of work missed and other losses, all of which leave the victim trying to handle financial stress in addition to recovery. As a victim of a motorcycle accident, contacting an auto accident law firm can be the right move to recover some or all of these losses.

As a victim of a motorcycle accident, you may be able to receive compensation for your economic damages, which are loses you can tie directly to the crash. This includes your medical bills, time you missed from work because you needed treatment, and the repair or replacement cost of your bike and other items damaged in the crash. You also may be able to recover other damages that aren’t as cut and dry, such as compensation for your suffering and pain from the accident and your injuries.

If you have been in a motorcycle accident, you don’t need to suffer in silence. Speak to an experienced auto accident law firm about your case as soon as you can. You may have injuries that will impact your quality of life in the short term and the long term, so you’ll want to move to protect your rights and your financial future immediately.

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