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At Feldman & Lee we protect your rights and your interests to adjust for the changes in your family and your life. Contact a post-judgment modifications lawyer at Feldman & Lee for a consultation.

After a divorce or family law order is finalized, you may still experience significant life changes. The circumstances and financial positioning of one or both parties may make the original order unreasonable or even impossible. At Feldman & Lee PS, we are experienced in protecting the rights and interests of our clients in post-judgment family law matters involving modifications to original divorce, child support, spousal support orders, and custody arrangements.

Post Judgment Modifications for Child Support and Custody

Child Support Modifications

When financial circumstances change, a custodial parent may need additional child support. If you are the custodial parent and the child becomes involved in additional activities, develops a chronic condition, or has other new needs, you may need more support for the child. If you are the noncustodial parent, conversely, if you owe child support, you may need to decrease your obligations if you have suffered a serious injury, job loss, or other change in circumstance that makes you unable to continue to pay the child support you owe. We are experienced in representing both custodial parents seeking a child support modification to increase payments as well as clients seeking to decrease support obligations.

Custody Change, Modifications and Relocation

Families often need post-judgment modification of custody or parenting time, based on employment changes or relocation. If you are a custodial parent seeking to relocate your child, consult with an attorney as soon as possible about your rights. You may need to seek permission if you share custody. Our attorney will review the facts of your case and help you protect your interests in seeking to relocate or contesting the relocation of your child.

We are also experienced in modifications involving:

  • A change in the parents’ schedules that requires a new parenting time arrangement
  • Older children who want to change an original order
  • Modifications to adjust to extracurricular or working schedules

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