8 Questions to Ask Your Potential Criminal Attorney

When you are facing a criminal charge in Washington, it’s imperative you have an experienced criminal defense attorney in Kent on your side. Since you may be facing jail time, hefty fines and long-lasting life consequences after being convicted of a crime, trying to handle the situation on your own or with a court-appointed attorney–who […]

Post-Car-Accident Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

After you’ve been in a car accident, you may feel overwhelmed and confused. Your adrenaline is flowing and you’re likely more concerned about passengers or damage to the car than about yourself. If you have no immediately clear injuries, you may simply think you’re fine. However, after a car accident, some symptoms don’t show up […]

Auto Claim Denied? Here’s What to Know

One of the most difficult things for someone to experience after an auto accident is having an auto claim denied by insurance. After an auto accident, you should be compensated for your lost wages from work, damages and medical expenses due to someone else’s actions or negligence. Unfortunately, insurance companies take a close look at […]

What “Pain and Suffering” Mean in a Washington Car Accident

When you need to sue for pain and suffering you endured after a car accident, it’s important to know that you could be facing an uphill battle. Unlike your car’s cracked windshield or your bruises, suffering and pain is intangible and naturally harder to prove. However, you deserve fair compensation for all your damages related […]

4 Lesser-Known Divorce Traps to Sidestep

As you are approaching or going through a divorce in Washington, it can be tough to keep track of everything involved. When combined with all the emotions a divorce often brings up, it’s not surprising that people often make mistakes in their cases that end up costing them down the road. While you may know some […]

Fentanyl-Related Charges: Preparing for Serious Penalties

Fentanyl is a drug that is prescribed by medical professionals for severe pain. It is, however, also very addictive and now widely known as a drug behind many deaths in America. Because of this, Washington prosecutors are often aggressive when it comes to charging people with crimes that involve fentanyl, such as distribution or possession […]

When Should You File Your Injury Claim?

After you’ve been in a car accident and suffered a serious injury, you may be wondering when you should make your claim. The insurance company seems completely reasonable, and they’ve even offered you a settlement already. While the insurer involved might seem quick to offer help, remember that the insurance company isn’t there to give […]

Motorcycle Accidents: When the Odds Just Aren’t in Your Favor

When the weather in Washington is nice, it’s only natural to see more people spending time outdoors. Automobile drivers do things like roll down their windows, put their convertible tops down or open their sunroofs. Motorcyclists, however, dust off their bikes and hit the road. While it’s pretty common to see motorcyclists out when it’s […]

6 Reasons to Retire Social Media During Your Divorce

When you’re getting ready for or going through a divorce in Washington, it’s not surprising if you feel the urge to turn to social media and vent some of your emotions and frustrations. Once thought of as being mainly for kids and young adults, social media these days is used by everyone for just about everything. […]

What Are Criminal Trials Really Like?

You’ve likely seen countless trials on TV, with exciting things like witnesses being hauled out of the court. While these dramas can grab your attention, they are not quite representative of what you can expect in a Washington court if you’re charged with a crime. While your defense law firm team will fill you in on the […]

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